Facebook – who cares??

Advent is over, Christmas has come and almost gone, it is time to start writing again.   Having spent best part of Tuesday cooking and preparing food, and most of yesterday dishing it up to a constant stream of family and friends, it is with relief that today I have not yet got dressed.  Boxing Day is a peculiar day, If Christmas Eve is expectation and Christmas Day, excitement, then Boxing Day must be the anti climax.  Is there anything sadder than a half eaten turkey, languishing in the fridge next to the sherry trifle and almost empty bottle of Baileys?  All items that are only ever in my fridge in December and although much enjoyed do not lend themselves to useful leftover dishes.  I could just about conceive a turkey curry and maybe should give time to the combination of trifle and Baileys, perhaps with orange matchmakers as garnish, but admit complete defeat when faced with the soggy remains of prawn cocktail and cold roast potatoes.

This Christmas I have been lucky to spend the time with most of the people I love, I have laughed at the Queen’s speech with my son and been spoiled by my daughter who bought me the nicest presents.  In the midst of family harmony the most meaningful exchange came, somewhat out of the blue, from the stern words spoken by my eldest, for whom my Facebook use is a disappointment.   To be told, ‘I feel you have let me down Mum, you are the one who has always talked about civil liberties, why don’t you care?’  It is a great question.  Why don’t I care? Maybe I haven’t thought enough about it.  Is it true that social media will corrupt the world, all our private lives will be sold and we will all go to hell in a handcart???  Or it the worst that can happen is that the drippy girl from the class of ’73 will track me down and send me endless pictures of kittens and chickens?

Ok, my lovely son, you have stopped me in my tracks and made me think.  Which is actually what you wanted to happen.  You are right I do care about civil liberties, I care about the world and I have a inbuilt distrust of all things corporate.  Have I been corrupted by Facebook?  Maybe I have.  I know I enjoy communicating with friends across the globe, I like to write and enjoy the feedback, and wouldn’t have considered a blog without encouragement from ‘friends’ on FB.  So shall I stop using it??  Can I stop using it???  I might just try and see.  At least it will give me more time to blog.

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