Sales – if something is cheap because no one wanted it, why are people queuing to buy?

I have just come home from the shops, now this is not something I like to do, well I do like to come home obviously, I live here and it is warm and there is coffee and biscuits, I however do not like to go to the shops.  I have never been a natural shopper. As a woman I am aware I am supposed to enjoy this activity but I would always rather be in the coffee shop with a good book. Anyway I was in the shops as my gorgeous daughter is too busy working/sleeping/drinking to go and make her own purchases and I am a good mother.  To be fair I had nothing else to do this afternoon.

I wandered down the road towards the shops expecting it to be a bit busy, it is Saturday after all. On the way I had the surreal experience of joining about 50 blokes all walking the same way I was, as we walked along we were joined at each junction by more blokes, in pairs, on their own and some with children.  It took me a minute to work out I was on the road of our local football team, there must be a match this afternoon, although I thought 12.30 was a bit early, mind you I know less about football than I do shopping, so who knows?

I digress.  I made it through the men and down into the shops.   On the way down the hill I had that unfortunate feeling that something was slipping. By the time I got to Marks and Spencers it was clear my tights were heading south quickly, I have no idea why, this hasn’t happened before.Maybe I have an inferior elastic situation, or perhaps I have lost so much weight over Christmas they are just too big. Whatever the reason it was becoming an urgent situation. I grabbed a top from the first rail and made for the changing room to adjust said tights.  When I got there a sign blocked my way, Changing Rooms closed during the Sale period.  What!!  With no time to reflect why clothes bought cheap need not fit, I headed to another store and another changing room, phew, just in time.  Suitably adjusted I visited several stores selling the goods I desired.  Well, normally they do.  Today somehow they had all completely changed.  There were large empty spaces in the centre of the shops, rails and rails of very odd looking garments around the walls complete with stickers proclaiming 50% off, and many people standing staring at them.   Considering there was less than half of the normal goods actually available to buy, the number of assistants has trebled, People were queuing at the tills, I have no idea what they had found to buy.

So what is a bargain???  When I was on one of my many diets I have attempted over the years, I once complained it was hard to lose weight when the kids left food and I was always tempted to finish it off rather than waste it.  The person in charge of the scales said sternly, ‘it is no less wasted if you eat it when you don’t need it, than if you throw it away’  So I ask, it is sensible to spend money on things you don’t really want just because they are cheap?

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