2013 the year dreams came true

I am writing this at the end of what can only be described as an amazing year.

Who knew this time last year what was in store for us??  Well, we did actually, but knowing and actually doing 5 amazing events in as many months was a very different thing.  When we decided to finally get married, after 5 happy years, thanks to the BBC and the Tate Modern and lots of mustard and not any custard, we sort of knew that this was also the year for significant birthdays and another very important wedding, but it is fair to say that we, well I, did not actually appreciate just how much effort, money and all round knackeredness this might involve.

It has been a blast, It started by surprising my lovely hubby by not taking him to a football match that he didn’t know he was supposed to be going to,  racing friends up the highways of North West England in a monsoon like rainstorm, to hosting a surprise party for 20 friends, 30 minutes after getting home from not going to the football weekend.  Next barely a month later the 18th birthday celebration for my lovely daughter, involving at least 2 parties, a visit from grandma and a lot of dancing and shopping, indoor skydiving and surprise presents.  There was just enough time to catch our breath after that when just a week later we were hen nighting it off for a weekend of Giant puppets, blow up men, river boats and not nude drawing.  Are you beginning to see why I am knackered yet?

2013 continued with a June wedding, a beautiful bride, handsome groom and a very proud Mum, and then became a Spanish summer, sharing our house with two lovely students throughout July. They had vacated the rooms about 3 hours when my lovely niece arrived to stay.  Within days she was working and gradually started to put her life back on track, it was no surprise to anyone that she booked her ticket for a new life in Australia as winter was approaching.

It was at the end of the summer that we had the most magical day of all.  Dozens of people traveled across the UK to join in the celebration of our marriage.  It was a day of surprises, speeches, sunshine and smiles.  From the excitement of decorating the venue, to the leaving for honeymoon it was perfect, perfect, perfect.

Now it is almost 2014 and a whole new year is stretching in front of me. It looks as if this will be a year of challenges,there is uncertainty about my work, the very real threat of redundancy, a pay cut or redeployment, looms at the beginning of the year.  In my opinion we can view challenges as disaster or as opportunity and I am going to seize the day.  Whatever happens will be a positive, more time to play, to spend with friends and family.   Choosing happy works and that is what I am going to do.

Happy 2014 to everyone, may it bring you everything you wish for yourselves.

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