on early morning driving in the rain and the joy of radio

This morning, as yesterday, I was up and out early to take my hubby to work.  As we traveled along the wet and dark road winding through the Peak District countryside, it could have been quite miserable.  He is half asleep, it is cold and a bit rubbish and there is not a lot to say.  Both our minds are on the day ahead, and the 17 hours or so before we will be back in a nice warm bed. I am a morning person, so am quite awake.   I am also a late night person, it is the bit in the middle I struggle with!

Anyway, I have the radio on in the car, always.  This morning a very cheery DJ, I don’t know how he is always so excitable and happy, even at 6am, is chatting about nonsense, his enthusiasm for the new day streaming out of the car speakers.  Anyway, all of a sudden a song from childhood blasts through the radio. This song is of its time and was used in an advert for a popular fizzy drink.  All of a sudden the energy in the car changes, hubby is laughing, I am singing, badly, and smiling.  Shared memories of childhood, together with a jolly tune have switched us both onto the fun factor.  The DJ must sense this, I wonder if the collective voice of listeners somehow transmits itself back through the airwaves, and he chooses another old song by the same band, the fun goes on, the singing continues. We arrive at hubby’s workplace and he gets out into the cold dark morning, but I can tell he is still smiling on the inside.  So am I.  Another day, to be grabbed by the scruff of the neck and enjoyed.  It is still raining, it is still dark, but inside I am Teaching the World to Sing, even if I am totally tone deaf myself.

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