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Today is the 1st of November and I am going to try something different with my blog.  Each day in November I am going to post a blog, some will be short, some will be long, hope you enjoy them.

1st November 2014

Sunny Saturday morning in the peaks, it is a washing on the line sort of day, with not a lot I have to do today I can chose how to spend my time

This time last week I was heading out on a journey by train which ended up taking twice the time it should have done. There were leaves on the line, the problem being these leaves were still attached to the tree!  In the midst of the Cheshire countryside the way was blocked.  What happened next was amazing. Without fuss, without drama the driver and the guard between them shifted the tree an.  The guard walked back through the carriage smiling ans whistling and we carried on our journey.

I want to spend my life being the driver and guard on that train.  When confronted with obstacles I want to find a way around, over or under then, and if that is not possible I want to move them myself.  I have lots of experience, I have dealt with many things that have threaten to block my way,  So now, when faced with pain, with sadness or with difficulty I will think about that train, and will find my way through.

In the meantime I will get on with my washing, it really is a lovely day here in the Peaks.

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