on walking on sunshine

As I left the house at 7am yesterday morning it was literally freezing cold.  I was ill equipped for this frosty start I found myself using what I could to scrape the ice from the car windows before setting off.  I had completely forgotten what cold winter mornings are like.  This year we have had more than our usual share of warm sunny weather, even here, high up in the Peaks it has been pleasant and warm all summer and autumn long.

I was thinking about winter and dark nights and rain again this morning while cleaning the kitchen and listening to the radio.  A song from way back came on its title, Walking On Sunshine, was very familiar to me.  I have no idea who sung it but it made me smile as I was washing pots and tidying round.

The very idea of walking on sunshine took me to summer days in the park with children, playing with shadows, chasing around and eventually flopping onto warm grass to drink cool drinks.  It made me think of pictures of sunshine with long yellow strands radiating out towards the earth.  It reminded me how I always try and walk on the sunny side of the street, making the most of the warmth and how it really feels to be in the bright and shiny daylight.

All this is a long way from the grey skies above me at the moment.  I think it might just about have stopped raining although it is hard to say for sure. Winter is a time of hibernation, a time for sleeping, to prepare for the regrowth and renewal that spring will bring.

Perhaps we can walk on sunshine right throughout the winter months.  Maybe it is all in our heads, just like choosing happy we can chose sunshine.  I hope everyone can stay warm while we wait for the first signs of springtime when we can look forward to walking again on sunshine, it isn’t far away for sure.

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