on how feeling happy is a choice

this is my last Blog in November, tomorrow I start my annual Advent, posting each day with memories and thoughts taking us up to Christmas.  This year I am going to use music as the trigger for each post and hope that you will enjoy reading and sharing with me a walk through the soundtrack of my years

This month has been amazing, posting more and sharing in different places I have increased the readership and reach of this Blog.  It is so great to know that people are enjoying my writing, I am certainly enjoying Blogging.

I know I talk a lot about being positive, about seeing the good, focussing on what is great, and I do this because it is the most powerful tool to becoming happy.  Even when all is going pear shaped, when things we cannot control are around us and making a mockery of our hopes and plans, when we we feel the world is against us, we can still choose to be happy.

When I am in pain and feeling grumpy I have to remember the switch in my brain that allows me to see through the now and look to the future, or to the past.  I have had an amazing year, so many changes, so much sadness and great, great happiness.  Throughout it I hope I have remembered to see what I needed to see, to be thankful for what I have and focus on the good.

Thank you for making November the best ever month on the Blog, for sharing in over 20 different countries and to allowing me to share my world.  See you next month.

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