on how #ridewithme could save the world

Advent Day 15

Yesterday I received messages from a family member who was on lock down at her office in Sydney, Australia in the midst of what was thought to be a terrorist threat and siege.  It was scary, the world is a scary place. Fear and separation currently go hand in hand mistrust amongst neighbours especially if they are divided by religion and culture.  People already aware of events across the world panicked and unsure what would happen next.  Thankfully it now seems it was one lone person, still scary but maybe not on the scale it was feared.

Then thoughts turned to those people being blamed, who are as scared as the rest of us. I cannot imagine how it must feel to be judged a threat by being seen in clothes that identify your religion.  I cannot think how our fellow humans, who are just as nervous as the rest of us, get along with feeling the fear and being the feared.

So it was with tremendous joy I heard tonight of the #ridewithme campaign that is currently trending worldwide. An Australian commuter realising the fear of a woman in religious dress spoke up, said what we should all be saying, they said ride with me.  If you are fearful ride with me.

Now there are a hundred reasons why this could be seen as condescending, as patronising or games playing. why should someone in religious dress need a more ‘conventionally’ dressed escort.  To judge it that way would I believe be missing the point,  The point is we are all human.  When one of us is afraid, then let the rest protect them.  Simple.  Stop being scared of each other, it is being used to divide and rule by those who have to rest power in what ever way they can for their own needs.  See the human, not the costume, the hairstyle or even the tattoos.

There is one song, adopted by a team, loved by a city, written for a musical and this song gives hope to all.  It was always going to be in my Advent but tonight it fits the bill.

Walk On.  Be human. Be kind. Protect the scared. Stand up for the oppressed and Love each other.  It isn’t difficult.  Peace is in all our hands let’s grab it and turn the tables on the real oppressors, those who want the power and seek to divide us all.

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