on living alone together

Advent Day 17

today’s song for Advent is for my most lovely husband, he is always there for all of us, a quiet man, gentle and strong, I am thankful every day that we managed to find each other in this crazy world.  Tomorrow will be our last day living on our own before the travelling daughter arrives home bringing with her the whirlwind that is life with family.  Once again the fridge will empty when we are at work, there will be footsteps on the stairs and sssshhing and giggling way into the early hours and the house will be as it always has been.

We have liked being just us, it has been our own adventure and we have had four months of peace and sometimes, for me at least, too much quiet.

This song was played at our wedding, the lyrics seem to work well for us, and although this year has been a real challenge in so many ways, every day, every month and every year is ours.  Ours to enjoy and have fun together to be glad for the good times and to hold tight through the bad..

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