on dancing and loving

Advent Day 19
tonight is mad Friday, that last Friday before Christmas when workmates go to the pub and get drunk and kiss each other. I have been on many a mad Friday some have ended well others in a hangover but tonight I am at home with a cheeky Baileys.

I am thinking back to nights out, when we have laughed and danced on into the night, when the drink flowed and the tunes were impossible to sit still to.  When as a single lady I used to wish I had someone special to dance the last dance with, but instead walked home arm in arm with the wonderful friends who kept me sane through the crazy years.

Dancing is good for you, it is good for the physical you and for your soul.  Forgeting to dance is like forgeting to live well, and there are some tunes that even now, with a dodgy knee and a knackered back I will struggle not to jig along to.  I love dancing in the kitchen, especially with my hubby to daft tunes on the radio when we just enjoy the moment.

It is a sad thought that these days I would rather be dancing in the kitchen than in the pubs or bars, so much easier to do, no dressing up and no walking home in the rain.  I hope over the holiday we will go out and dance, in fact I know we will because we have tickets for a night out where the band play songs that make you want to move.  The joy of shimmying Mum dancing for pure fun is magic.

Anyway to those out dancing tonight I hope the hangover isn’t too bad in the morning and may you all have someone who loves you to be your partner on the dance floor of life.
take it away Whitney

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