on Christmas past TV style

Advent Day 20

Tonight I have been reminded of the television of my childhood, of an era when the whole family would gather in front of the box to enjoy the Christmas programmes.  In the days before video and recorders you had to plan to be at the television at the time it was transmitted, and in our house no on wanted to miss the Morecambe and Wise Christmas special it was was a firm favourite.

It was a time of innocence, when no one questioned why two middle aged men shared a bedroom, and a bed, we were all too busy laughing at the ridiculous Ernie and the play wot he wrote and the gentle humour that put all the stars of the day down, and yet had them all queuing to take part. Who can forget Angela Rippon’s legs, the set where the stairs finished a good six foot short of the floor. Glenda Jackson taking her best role yet, Eric playing the drums full of mud and Ernie’s short fat hairy legs?

They always finished with a song, a nod to the golden days of variety, where they had begun their careers and it is one of these songs  I have chosen for tonight’s Advent song. In the dark winter days, let’s hope there is something in everyone’s life to bring them sunshine.

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