on Christmas number ones

Advent Day 22

In the days before X factor madness the Christmas number one was a really big deal.  Sometimes it was a hit of the day, by the most favourite artist, I am sure the Beatles had their share, but sometimes it would be a speciality tune made for the Christmas market.

I couldn’t have an Advent of tunes without including some of the classics, so in a bonus of tunes today I am going to list my top three all time Christmas novelty Number One tunes.

In at number three is Ernie, Benny Hill made us laugh until we cried as kids, loved this song

Number two sees the first time I notice Roger McGough, who is now one of my very favourite poets, love this song, reminds me of Vaughan Road Junior school

At number one is the most annoying Osmond brother who gave us this tune, oh my goodness how we laughed.  And I did later have several boyfriends who fitted this description.

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