on going around the world

Good friends of mine are going on a journey to the other side of the world, where they will reconnect and meet with new members of their family.  I wish them a fabulous time, a safe journey and know they will make memories to last a lifetime.

It seems to me that the world is indeed getting smaller.  My own parents never left the UK and Mum didn’t even visit the capital city.  I travelled around a bit in my youth and have been lucky to have holidays to remember.  My daughter in less that two decades of her life has visited more countries than I have and has lived and worked abroad.

This blog is travelling the world.  I have readers in over twenty five countries, where people I have never met and am never likely to know are reading my thoughts, commenting on them and sharing them with people they know.  It is a mind blowing idea to me, as I never considered for a minute that people would be that interested in my writing.  It is fabulous.

I often find myself thinking about the distance between us, about how time and space and boundaries separate us.   When I do I this I am reminded of a line from a poem I read as a teenager which has stayed in my head forever. I cannot remember the poet or the exact lines but it talks about the sky above the writers head being also above the readers head where ‘rain that has not yet fallen on your path is already dancing on mine’  This idea has always made sense to me even more so now with the world at my fingers.

When my blog reader in Cambodia looks out of their window, the sun they can see is the same sun that falls through my bedroom window.  The person in Canada watching clouds blowing across the sky is looking at the same sky as I am.  The reader in Australia who connects with a blog about family is feeling the same feelings as I do, concerning love and happiness, we are all human.

So, today, right now, we are connected as never before I want to celebrate the wonders of technology, and to be thankful that these connections are helping us all to become more human.

The instant messages received in times of trouble, the joyous celebrations shared with the globe, the precious images shared on computers across continents all play their part in this connection.

So, as I sit in my kitchen in the Derbyshire countryside, writing my thoughts, it is wonderful that other people, living other lives, across continents and countries are able to read and comment on my words.

Hello world, it is good to get to know you

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