on uprooting

for reasons I cannot explain I really don’t like the fuchsia plant.  Finding one in our garden in Wales made me want to dig it up instantly and get rid of it.  Luckily my neighbour really likes these pink bulbous excuses for flowers (I know, but it there are not many things I don’t like) so it was agreed to give the offending bush a new home.

We set to, spade and cutters at the ready to dig and move the bush.  The soil is quite dry after a spell with little rain and offers no resistance.  We dig and rock and find the roots, all is going well.  As we begin to lift we realise that the roots are not giving up quite so easily, and it is an epic struggle to pull and drag them out of the soil bed, some were even heading under the fence to next door.  They were doing their job and hanging on tight. We managed eventually and the bush is now settled in its new home, standing proud.  The roots, we hope, will soon settle and grow in the new garden.  All will be well.

This whole tale reminds me of how we humans can pull up our roots and start again.  How, after a period of adjustment, we can begin to feel at home in a new situation and eventually we will bloom and prosper.  It also reminded me of how difficult this can be.  The struggle to make the changes, to leave behind the familiar and to move to the new place.  As the bush is settling into its new patch, back in our garden already other plants are claiming the soil as their own, and in time it will be as if it had never been there.

We do well to remember this.  Everything we stress about, worry about and fear is over in the blink of an eye.  Life really is for grabbing and living.  Don’t be afraid to uproot yourself and move to a place where you are loved, where you need to be.  It has all been done before, many many times.  Today is what we have, use it, live it, love it find your place, somewhere you love and are loved.

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