on muddy marvels

a group of people I know have taken on a challenge which involved getting themselves very muddy and physical to raise money and to recognise the brave struggle of a workmate in fighting illness. Today I have seen the pictures of women in tutus hurling themselves over obstacles and getting more and more mucky, laughing and crying in turn, generally doing more than they ever thought they could.  It is a tremendous achievement and an example of teamwork, friendship and downright determination to make a difference.

It has made me think about the stories behind all the epic challenges, the marathons run by first timers, the cycling through the night, fire walking, stay awakes and sponsored walks.  It would be easy to dismiss these as stunts, as personal challenges or as just a bit of fun, but in truth it is all much, much more than this.

The women getting muddy today spend their time helping families and children.  They work long hours in a difficult and constantly changing environment, and yet they took the time on their day off to raise money.  Their colleague has been an inspiration, refusing to let serious illness defeat her spirit and we are all hoping that she is soon well.

For everyone out there trying to make a difference I salute you.  No matter if you are charging around the countryside getting muddy, or cycling into London in the middle of the night, you are doing good. Memories are being made and friendship are being forged.

Hopefully one day these awful illnesses that sneak up in the night and steal our friends and our family will be beaten.  In the meantime we can all be grateful for the muddy, mucky, weary heroines who push themselves more than they thought they ever could to raise the cash for cures.

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