on family

today we had an amazing day and I will write much more about it in the next couple of days.  It was a day of sunshine, of family, of friendship and of love.

We have met together often, my family and I, and lately it has always been about sadness, today it was about goodbye, bon voyage, and remembering a life lived well.

I could tell you about the ferry boat, resplendent in bright colours, I could tell you of journeys made to the river, I could tell you of strawberries and pork pies, of panama hats and flowers.  I could tell you of love a family has for each other, of difference and similarity, of fun and of peace.

They say you can chose your friends, but not your family, well I am doubly blessed.  I have chosen my friends wisely and love them all, but my family is part of me, from childhood memories to grown up struggles, from being the youngest to, almost, being the oldest generation.  All the ups and the downs and things that make us strong, we can face them together, with love and with pride.

My family are the people I would have chosen, if I had had the choice, and I love each and every one of them.  Today was an amazing day.

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