on gentle anarchy in the sunshine

All my life I have railed against the rules.  I never did do just what Mum and Dad expected of me.  I questioned everything and often made my mind up to follow my own path.  As I grew up my family got used to me doing things differently, and that in some way became my persona.  I left school, admittedly in a hurry after a discussion with the Head which didn’t go in my favour, I started work and began to grow up.  All around me I saw things that made me cross and I never could not mention it.

Later as a young mum things were even more unequal and I found myself in good company with a group of other mums.  We decided to change the world and had some success, lobbying and creating a Well Woman Service.  I think eventually the powers that be found it easier to give us what we wanted rather than argue with us.

Later again I found myself fighting against injustices for young people, shouting loudly and making authorities take notice.  Once again rules didn’t really do it for me.

I suppose the point I want to make is that it is all right to break the rules, Especially when the rules are causing problems and stopping progress, when power is in the wrong hands and when there are wrongs to be righted.  Standing up and shouting loudly is an effective tool in changing the world.  When one person does it they maybe considered odd, when a thousand voices do it someone will listen.

Now my life has changed, leaving the world of work I now have no authority specifically influencing me. I spend my days in the garden, where there are loads of other rule breakers.  The daisies refusing to accept the will of the paving stones and pushing their smiley faces through the cracks.  The poppies amidst the shrubbery their blousy blooms daring me to challenge the position they have chosen in the border.  The wasps and the bees chasing between the blossom and the beetles and slug getting on with things and eating whatever they chose to.

I have decided that the garden is a good place for anarchy, without respect for the rules of an immaculate planting system and constant weeding it is full of colour and vibrant. Actually even with constant weeding it is doing its own thing.  Good. Because so am I.

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