on baby steps

last week I looked out of my kitchen window to see my daughter in law making her way up to our house.  We are so lucky to live so close to each other, as their home is in the road directly behind our house.  I go and unlock the back door and wait for her to arrive.

Several minutes pass and she has not arrived.  I open the back door wondering where she is and see the back gate swing open. There holding tightly to Mummy’s hand is my gorgeous Granddaughter.  She has walked all the way from her house to mine in her shiny new first pair of shoes. Her smile beams out from beneath her huge hood as her warm winter coat keeps the chills away.  Her cheeks are red and she is so proud of herself. Her slow determined steps coming towards my back door.

Later they make their way back home and I am reflecting on the moment. Her very first walk to our house.  I am thinking of her tiny self, putting one foot in front of the other and loving every second.  It makes me think of her future, of all the other places her feet will take her in time.

I am thinking of her first day at school, dancing classes and trips out with friends.  I am thinking of later, when, without Mummy holding her hand she will stride out and make the world her own.  May her feet take her everywhere her dreams want her to go, she will be brave and strong and I hope she will always know how much she is loved.  I will never forget her first walk to Nana’s house, this tiny beautiful girl.  She makes my heart happy every day.

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