on singing

today I had the great pleasure to be in a group who were serenaded by a flash mob choir at an event I was involved with.

They came in all shapes and sizes.  I first saw them waiting to cross the road, standing on the kerb smiling, lots of smiles.  There were men and women there were young people.  Some tall, some small and everyone single one with a huge voice and a heart to match.  They started slowly,  as the song developed they each took their own part, the melody echoing around the room. My tears fell freely, this was a song of inspiration, of hope and of challenging oppression, then the tears gave way to smiles as the positive energy bounced from the walls and into everyone’s soul.

There is a tremendous connection between music and feelings, no more so than hearing voices singing in harmony, singing a song that has meaning and relevance to the time and the place.  In truth the song was perfect but the reason for that was the singing was heartfelt, honest and wonderful.  A whole bunch of people on a Saturday afternoon bringing happiness where ever they go.

If I live to be a hundred this experience will stay with me.  One of those memories that will keep me going when times are not great, will make me smile as I remember the happy feelings.  For that I will always be grateful

If you have a voice, you must use your voice.  Use it to sing loud and proud and take happiness to the world.  It will lift, it will cheer and it will spread happiness from the heart to the soul.

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