on a second self

this weekend my hubby and I gave our good friends a lift to the station where they were setting off on a weekend away to celebrate a birthday.  As we drove off from the station watching them carry their bags onto the platform I was filled with happy thoughts.

These people are more than friends to me.  In the darkest hours, in my worst moments they have stood next to me and held on tight.  In the happiest of times there they were in the middle, getting on with making everything even more wonderful than it was already.  They have also been there on the mundane, dreary days when nothing much happens. Together we have watched our children grow and have delighted in their successes. We have worried about nothing and laughed more than I ever would have known.

Shared memories, investing time and a helping hand.  These are the mechanics of friendship.  If you have such friends then you too are lucky, you will know the power of acceptance, you will understand how it is when words are not needed, when you have as it were, ‘a second self’.  Me but not me.  That is my best friend.


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