on the joys of June

talking to a good friend today we were both struck by how much misery and sadness there is in this world.  From dying children in sunken boats to murdering parents, from smug self satisfied politicians promising the world and stabbing us all in the metaphorical back, this world can be a sad and lonely place.

Tomorrow sees the 1st of June, the start of summer, the longest day, for those in the Northern Hemisphere, and the hope of good times ahead.  schools winding down, exams over, ice cream and picnics.  June should be joyous.

So, not for one moment negating the pain and suffering all around us, I intend to celebrate the joys of June.  The little things that make us smile, the people who can see the good bits in life, the smell of the flowers and the taste of summer rain.  All will be well.  For a month there will be a post each day, just to remind me, and maybe others, that the world is not all bad.

Please join in, suggest things for me to write about, tell me what makes you smile on a summers day.  Then maybe, together, we can lift our spirits and celebrate the happy times.

See you all tomorrow

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