on art for arts sake

Joyous June and another fabulous thing to make me smile.  Today I went to see an art exhibition of work by students at an art college.  It was amazing.  Lots of variety, from ceramics to glass from sketches to oil paintings, all hard worked for and wonderful

So, a quick reminder to myself and to all, art is all around us and is often free to see.  Check out your local college, art gallery and open your eyes to art.  Some paintings will stay with me forever.  I will never forget the power of Renoir when I saw the real deal in Paris, it took my breath away.  The colour, the vibrancy and most of all the attention to detail was phenomenal.  I felt a similar feeling the first time I saw a Banksy stencil, clever use of images to make a fabulous statement.

It really doesn’t matter what you love about art but I truly believe that good art lifts the soul and as such brings us joy.

We came away inspired to get creative, to draw, to paint to make a mark.  It is a fine thing to do.




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