on strolling in the evening

Joyous June day four of things that make me smile.  Today has been warm and sunny, summer might actually have arrived, this in itself makes me happy.  I spent the late afternoon sitting out in the garden, chatting to neighbours and reading my book.  The trees across the road are in full leaf and the bees were buzzing around my pots of flowers.

Later, hubby is home and we have some food.  Normally we would then settle down to a bit of tv, perhaps read my book for a bit or a warm bubble bath would be in order

Our walk too us across the market place,  and onto the slopes, an oasis of greenery in the centre of town.  High up, from here there are amazing views of our town.  We stood still and took in the panorama.  To the west the sun was slowly beginning to sink below the tree line, the sky here was bright and orange, the branches and leaves dark in silhouette.  To the north we could see a large cross, high on the hill, standing proud as a testament to faith,  watching over the town.  to the west the town centre, roof tops and roads, commerce and transport set out below us.  We paused to stare and breathing in the evening air, felt lucky to be in such a place.

Down the hill a little while later we pop into a bar for a refreshing drink and a chance to chat about the day, catching up with the little things, enjoying being together.  Soon it is time to walk again and we make our way back up the hill towards home.  The market place is getting busy, the shoppers have been replaced by the party people, standing outside bars, walking in high heels, chatting and laughing, Saturday night is under way.

Home again we fill the watering can and give all the pots and plants a welcome drink, working side by side we tend the garden and eventually settle back into the house.

Seizing the moment, walking in the evening, taking time to stand and look around,  being in the now, these are all things that make the difference.


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