Million steps – day three

Exciting news today I have more sponsors for my challenge, so very grateful to people for giving their cash to inspire me to walk more, I just know it is going to help so much

Anyway, this mornings walk was a good one.  I allowed myself an extra hour in bed, as it was Sunday, and took off just after 8am for my usual circuit.  So happy my feet are doing well now, blisters have all but gone and my trainers are very comfortable  at last, so glad I didn’t give up with them.  It is great that I ironed out all such problems in my practice days leading up to the challenge.

It was a bright and sunny morning and I walked through the park, delighted to notice baby ducklings following their Mum towards the lake, I wonder if I saw their very first swim? Home for breakfast and chores to be done.  Later I need to shop, this drug of walking is strong, I am resisting taking the car to the supermarket.  Luckily hubby is around to collect the shopping so I get to do more steps.

The town I live in celebrates carnival this month and today was the first event.  The Wells Dressing is a Derbyshire tradition and is always good to watch.  Hubby and I walk over the market place this afternoon to join a small crowd of people at the first well. There are children in beautiful dresses, a local band and lots of marshalls with two local clergymen we walk from well to well blessing and giving thanks for the waters.  This is a powerful event, it makes me think of all the people in the past who relied on the local wells, as well as the success and fortune the spa brought to the town.

We really enjoyed walking with them. and then through the park which was very different from that I had seen in the early morning.  This afternoon it is full of people enjoying the sunshine. Children are playing on swings, people are sitting chatting and there is a band getting ready to play. How English it feels, how ordinary, how summer.

Today I have completed 17,166 steps, and almost all have been in the sunshine.  I feel so fortunate to be taking part in this wonderful challenge,  it is living proof you don’t know what you can do until you try.



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