Million steps – day two

Day two of the challenge and the woman who has not exercised for 10 years is doing ok   17,000 odd steps under the belt for yesterday,  I knew today was always going to be a challenge. As  we are driving back from Wales and I will be in the car for two hours or more, sitting still

I was out  before breakfast, my usual romp around the caravan site increased to 6 laps this morning which was a great start.  Then came the driving.  I arrived home and straight on to the busy day in our little shop  Lots of backwards and forwards loading and unloading added a few steps on but not enough.

It was evident I needed to do an evening walk  This is my least favourite time to walk, simply because there are so many people about, I often have to stop and chat, how I have changed  In my previous life, standing chatting was just the thing, now I am impatient, there are steps to be done!!

I am surprising myself every day at how far I can get and how calm it makes me feel. Putting one foot in front of the other is so simple, why did I not do this sooner?  By the end of today  I have added 11,823 steps to my total  Wonder what tomorrow will bring?

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