million steps – day eleven – rain and pain

at the end of day ten I was feeling a bit sore and a bit fragile.  Not sure why but my get up and go had definitely gone.  Waking to monsoon like rain, grey skies and a cold wind, did nothing for my motivation.  I decided to delay my walk and potter around the house. Worryingly I sat on Facebook and started to feel peckish.  Reminders of how life used to be, the laptop and the biscuit barrel my best friends.  It really hit me how my lifestyle has changed.

An amazing shift in our shop during the afternoon had me back on track.  The pain was subsiding as I moved rubble sacks and tons of donations, packing them carefully into boxes and storing them safely.  The sun began to peep from the clouds for the first time that day just as we were shutting up.

Home again I check my step count.  Absolutely awful, less than five thousand!!  I have usually done that many before my breakfast.  There was nothing else for it, I needed to walk.  Of course as soon as I set off the sun disappeared and the light rain increased.  I walked quickly, deciding to get as many steps done before I was completely soaked.  As I walked hood up and eyes down, avoiding puddles, I got into a rhythm.  There were very few people out and about which was good.  Evening walking invariably leads to meeting people, stopping and chatting.  I was in sight of home as the rain stopped falling.  A respectable six thousand steps added to the total for today I had met my ten thousand target.

I guess I never thought these million steps would come easy.  Mostly I enjoy travelling on foot, noticing the world.  Today was effort.  Massive effort.  I am so proud that I did it, the me of just a few months ago would have given up today, had a cake and stayed home.

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