million steps – day 12 – milestones

today I reached 200,000 steps.  I will say that again, today the woman who didn’t walk anywhere today reached two hundred thousand steps.  In twelve days I have walked ninety miles.  When I started practising for this crazy challenge at the beginning of June I thought it would take forever, never mind three months to complete.  Now it seems I may not need all the time given.  Not that I will stop once the millionth step has been stepped,  I am in this for the long haul, but 200,000 steps is worth celebrating.

So I celebrated by buying myself some new clothes.  Smaller sizes than before and specifically to help me, I picked up a fabulous breathable waterproof jacket, thin enough to wear when walking and snug enough to keep me dry.  I also bought a new sweatshirt top in thin but warm fabric, I am now ready for anything.


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