million steps – day thirteen – inspiring others

more rain today, think that makes almost a week of walking while getting wet.  I am getting used to it, and I have my lovely new waterproof jacket to keep me dry.  Actually rain isn’t a big problem, it means there are less people about, which I like, and it keeps me cool when walking.

I did the usual route this morning, and then later in the day persuaded hubby to come out with me.  Remembering our epic trek last week this time I offered a compromise of city walking.  We travelled north from home to the city and spent a happy couple of hours walking around canals and shops before stopping for a bite to eat.  You see there are lots of ways to get the steps in.  Hubby also managed to buy himself some new shiny shoes, so everyone was happy.

While out and about I had a couple of messages come through on my phone.  This blog is documenting what I am up to and how I am getting along, my Diabetes UK page is keeping count of my steps and encouraging people to sponsor me.  A lot of my friends are very interested in my experience, especially those, like me, who have never really thought about exercising.

Two different friends contacted me in the past couple of days.  Both are a little bit older than me, retired women with busy lives, families and grandchildren.  One said, and I quote,  ‘Hi, you are a great inspiration to me’ she then went on to ask how I counted my steps and what device I used.  I happily explained about my app and my new counter thingy.  Another friend, also contacted me to say that since reading my blog she is now walking for an hour every evening.  Wow,  that is fantastic, not only am I benefiting from this challenge but now others are picking it up too.

I said right at the beginning if I can walk a million steps, anyone can.  I am hoping that my friends enjoy walking as much as I have learned to do,

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  1. I told you that you were an inspiration to others! Another fantastic blog, I am loving these updates! Very well done Pam, keep up the great work.

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