million steps – day fifteen – walking backwards

today I decided to vary my route. I have developed several ways to walk three miles, my early morning start to the day, some take me down long hills and back up again, others offer shortcuts and I always avoid busy roads.  Walking to the traffic noises is not on my list of favourite things to do.  Anyway, each of the routes has its good bits and bad bits, most of them I don’t even think about which direction I am taking, but let the road lead me home.

So, setting out in what looked to be the making of a fine and bright morning, I decided to do my most frequent route, but to do it back to front. I began with the circle of the field, always the last thing I do, and set off following the route.  This time I had to think about which way I was going, the natural ‘sat nav’ in my brain was finding it more difficult to direct me.  Anyway, walking streets in a different direction allowed me to notice different things.  The trees from the other side of the street looked more shady, the shadows were different.  The road that always signals half way was just the same, and still half way but the wrong way, it felt very odd.

Just on the halfway point the bright and clear morning changed.  The first couple of drops of rain were barely noticeable but those that followed were a very different story.  I switched route to cut down towards the theatre as I knew there was a large canopy that would give me some shelter.  I stayed for a few minutes until the cloud passed over, before continuing my walk.  Oh dear, not only was I going backwards I was now off route completely.  Feeling a bit damp and disconcerted, I arrived home from the ‘wrong’ direction.  It was all a bit of a muddle.

Still a healthy step count today, helped by lots of walking up and down in the shop later, means I am getting nearer my million steps.  I hope Diabetes UK makes lots of money from this challenge, it is a genius way to get people like me walking.

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