million steps – day seventeen – lazy Sunday afternoon

Summer arrived today.  Unannounced and unexpected, the day became warmer and warmer.  Out walking in the early morning, there was a lot of cloud but it felt warm and there was, for once, no rain.

Home again after breakfast the sun was peeping through the kitchen window so I took my book outside to sit on the decking for a while.  I soon came indoors to change into cooler clothing and as I sat and sat outside I could feel the warmth on my face increasing by the minute.

Our back yard is a sociable space.  Our house is the second in a terrace of six, in a terrace street of lots of houses.  From our decking we can see our neighbours and they can see us. As ever the sunshine is bringing people outside and soon I am joined by a neighbour on my decking.  As we chat about all that we believe to be going wrong in this world, another neighbour comes out and joins in.  So there we are, in the sunshine, putting the world to rights and mostly, but not completely in agreement.

I was very glad I had done a longer early morning walk today, for I did very little after that. Today is possibly my lowest step count since the challenge for Diabetes UK began.  By bedtime I had clocked up a miserable 11,000 odd steps.  Still within my daily target but not good enough.  Tomorrow is another day.


One thought on “million steps – day seventeen – lazy Sunday afternoon

  1. It was lovely today, wasn’t it? I went out for a very early run to boost up the steps – because I knew I wouldn’t hit my step target in the heat later in the day. Really didn’t feel like it when the alarm went off, but actually loved it.

    11,000 is hardly a slow day, that’s brilliant. Glad you were able to enjoy the sunshine today too 🙂

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