million steps – day twenty two

this is morning’s walk could have lasted forever.  Warm sunshine peeping through white cloud, the temperature rising with every step I took, and I was full of energy.  I decided to take a diversion from the usual route and headed up past the cricket ground.  I then chose to walk further again up a very steep hill.  What goes up must come down and round the corner the slope began to fall.

Already I had done more than planned and now there was another choice.  I turned right and headed even further away from home.  This road was busy with traffic thundering by, people are waking up now.  I soon turn off and rejoin a familiar road, this time heading home.

I am moving along in this challenge, some days are better than others, today was a good day.  Later I managed to add to the steps just doing my daily routing and ended up on a respectable 15,000 odd steps.  Diabetes UK really knew what they were doing setting this challenge up.  It is hard enough to feel a sense of achievement, yet do’able enough to succeed.

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