Million steps – day twenty eight -indoors, outdoors

When you start the day with a four and a bit mile walk, everything else seems easy.  Warm sunshine and a spring in my step meant I just kept walking this morning, winding down roads with very little traffic.  It was a delight.

Later it was an in the house day.  Just as well because soon after breakfast the sunshine had gone and in it’s place pouring down rain and wind.  No matter I had jobs to do.  First thing was to sort my wardrobe.  I have so many clothes that are far to big for me now.  Trousers, jeans and tops all in pile ready to go to help someone else.  A few really nice clothes are new, and it is sad that I won’t be able to wear them, these I put to one side to think about adjusting them.  My sewing skills are non existent, but then again my walking wasn’t up to much til I tried, so who knows?

So, a pile for the charity shop, and suddenly there is space to actually see what clothes I have left.  Wardrobe completed I moved on to the drawers and the charity shop grew even more.  Luckily I still have some things that fit me, I am reluctant to shop while I am still losing weight.  It is an amazing feeling to drop a couple of dress sizes.  I look very different and feel so well.  Yes I have been eating very healthily but without the exercise I am getting walking I am sure I would not have lost this much at all.

By evening time I am surprised to see I have added almost 5,000 steps to my daily total, all done in the house.  To be fair we have a fair few stairs and I was up and down a lot, but it just showed me how much I move without realising it.

A respectable 14,000+ added to the total, the million steps are getting nearer every day.

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