million steps -day thirty one – tired

today is the last day of July and the end of my first month of the million step challenge.  I have already achieved much, much more than I imagined on day one, but today was not a day for walking.

I have had an incredibly busy week, lots of walking, lots of physical work and by the time Sunday arrives I am frankly exhausted.  I have no inclination to go out early in the morning and instead settle for a good book and the sofa.

If I have learned anything in my almost six decades on the planet it is to listen to my body.  I am all for pushing myself, for not giving in, for keeping on carrying on, but sometimes enough is enough.  Today was that day.

Later in the afternoon I go out for a stroll around the town.  How different everywhere is when people are up and about.  The quiet of the park, where I watch the ducks take to the water for their early morning swim, is broken by families and children everywhere.  It is a quite different place.

Back home I have managed to complete about 7,000 steps, and as I go to bed the days total is the lowest yet, not quite 9,000, but I am feeling better.  Tomorrow is another day.

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