on holding each other up


Yesterday afternoon I spent some time with a friend and her husband who I met for the very first time.  It was lovely to show them my home town and to walk some of the steps I do each day with her.  Her hubby couldn’t join us walking as he is in poor health, but he was happy to wait for us in the sunshine.  As we walked my friend is telling me something about their life together and the challenges they have faced.  Both have come through serious illnesses and their strength as a couple was clear to see.

It seems to me that it is the times we are challenged that our relationships either make or break.  ‘Normal’ everyday life is when we all muddle through, keeping the family safe and happy, but sometimes life hits us with a curved ball.

My hubby and I have faced several such challenges, although nothing as serious as my friend, we too have come through the other side.  For me it is so important to remember why we are together and never lose sight of each other in the madness that is life.

This morning my friend and I walked through woods near our home.  The path has been laid with chippings making the route easier and the early morning sun is peeping through the trees.  We come to a river with stepping stones across, months ago I would never attempt this, but today all is well.  We cross the river and wander through the greenery back towards the road.

A little further into the woods and there is a tall strong tree that has somehow slipped over.  It is standing at an angle and looks odd within the rest of the tall straight trees.  We look again, it seems the reason it hasn’t fallen to the floor is that it is resting on another tree, which is holding it up.  It made me think of all the times I have slipped and been glad of someone there to hold me up and the times I have been able to be the strong one and support those I love.leaning tree 1stones

Yesterday I completed another 16,000 odd steps towards this Million Step Challenge,  getting nearer every day to completing this wonderful journey.


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