on being tired

it has been quite a week on this million step journey. Alongside walking more and more each day, the work I do with a glad heart to support refugees has been particularly emotional this week.

On Monday night we saw a heartbreaking post from a Facebook friend who is a British doctor working in Syria.  He included a photograph of a baby girl being held down for treatment by three people as they have no infant canulas to administer aesthetic.

In the almost a year of working to help these people there have been a few heart stopping moments and this was one of them.  The same day I had spent with my gorgeous Granddaughter, who was way too similar to the baby in the photograph.  What could we do?

We talked to the doctor, to others and we hatched a plan.  We needed money, and we told all our Facebook followers what we wanted to do.  In 48 hours we raised almost £3,000. From ordinary people, just like me, they trusted us with their money, from a donation of £2 to £250 the money poured in.  It was truly amazing and made my heart, once so saddened, happy.

As I write this there are plans to provide a full intensive care bed for babies and children, to help where it is so needed.  We have been full of gratitude and humbled by the trust people have given to us.

At the end of this extraordinary week I have a holiday.  This is wonderful  Time for me to spend with my hubby, and to catch up with friends and family.

Yesterday was the first day of this holiday, and I had not expected to crash quite so spectacularly as I did.   Sometimes it is when you stop that your body actually realises and stops too.  This happened to me yesterday.

In the week I reached 75% of my million step target, Saturday morning my body said NO!!  No to walking, no to running, no to talking or even to any sort of logical thought.  I was knackered.

Luckily I have a fabulous family, including said hubby who ignored the tired ranting and drove me in a storm and a traffic jam to see family.  Including the best sister and brother in law ever, who understood I was on the edge and made me lovely food and gave me quiet gently company, that was much needed.

Eventually I slept, and slept well, and tomorrow really is another day.  Today I awoke feeling fine and managed not only to walk but to mostly run the two miles to the sea and the gym machines.  The sea was wild, the wind was blowing and it felt amazing.  Over the two days I have managed just 14,000 odd steps, but every one is one closer to the million.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better again, sunshine and happy times await. The million is in sight and I will get there, one day and each step after the other.

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