on not walking

the million steps are behind me, I think the latest total was over 250,000 more than that required.  Yet I can see no reason to stop walking.  A daily total of between five and seven miles makes me happy.  The air is fresher now each morning, a cold frost at times, but as ever the start to the day makes everything that much better.

So, when on Monday, last week I noticed a strange sensation at the back of my knee I tried to ignore it.  Not a pain, more of a tightness, it was annoying at best.  By Wednesday I am in the gym, yes I actually do that too now, and talking to my instructor about the strange pain when he suggested some exercises I can try.

Feeling very smug on being able to sit on the floor I gamely try to stretch the leg and hope all will be well.  It seems it is.  So, back on the treadmill I go.  I walk fast, just short of a jog until, with a sickening rip my leg goes into spasm.  I slow the belt down and continue to walk. This was a mistake.

Later I leave the gym to walk home through the park.  It is a sunny day and there are lots of people about.  I get no more than 50 yards from the gym and my leg gives way.  I cannot move.  I stand, wondering what to do next.  Luckily my hubby answers his phone, and is on his way to collect me.

So, that was the end of my walking for the week.  It has been a strange few days.  My mornings have been spent in the kitchen not on the street, my days have involved using my car to get from A to B and I do not like it.  Not at all.

Patience has never been a strength of mine.  I understand that I need to rest my leg, but I so want to be out and about.  I think I am afraid of what will happen if I stop walking.  I fear I will return to the old ways, the days of biscuits and cake, of not walking, of gaining weight.  This cannot happen, I have given all my large clothes away!!

Luckily by today my leg is feeling much better.  I decide tomorrow is the day I get back out and about.  I am not going to go far, I may revisit my first ever walk around the field in front of the house, and see how I get on.  But to be sure tomorrow I will walk.

It has given me time to reflect on how habits are made.  Once my habit was to sit and surf the net, playing on social media and eating.  Now, my habit is walking in the real world, eating healthily and feeling alive.

There is no better way to start my day, this I know, than being out in the air, looking at the world from within the frame, in the moment, and tomorrow I will be back.

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