Advent Day 3 laughter, the best medicine

This week a friend shared with me a video made on holiday sometime last year.  We were playing a game and I was getting irritated, which was actually hilarious to watch.  I could see my friends laughing and smiling as I got more and more flustered, eventually, I too, collapse chuckling.  Watching it I felt very connected to these particular friends, people that because of geography, we don’t see often enough.

It made me think about how humour helps with almost everything.  My home town is famous for quick wit and fun, it is in our DNA for sure.  There are few situations when seeing whatever humour there may be, cannot help but make things better.

The best source of laughter for me is the joy in my darling Granddaughter. At two years old she meets the world expecting it to be joyous, for that is all she has known.  Playing with her plastic whistle, blowing piercing notes, she tells me she is making beautiful music.  She certainly is.  Then she decides to include a dance routine while playing, ‘this is fast music Nana’ and Nana is shedding tears of joy at the fun of this little person.

I think when we find the humour, when we get the big belly laughs, we are instantly back as little people, before we knew the harsh realities of life, and for a moment we can forget everything except the joy in laughter.

Today I am going to look out for the fun, I am going to seek the humour and through shared laughter I will embrace my inner child.  May you do so too.


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