Advent Day 4 and 5 reasons to be cheerful

today I have laughed more than I have done for such a long time.  In the midst of the chaos of sorting donations, shifting boxes, setting up the shop and generally working really hard this afternoon we began to play.

It started with the party dresses.  We have lots and have saved them to sell this time of year with Christmas parties in mind.  Getting them out of storage to hang in the shop we couldn’t resist dressing up.  Trying on dress after dress, it reminded me of childhood games when we would ransack Mum’s wardrobe and play with her shoes.  My sister always called them the clocking shoes, because of the noise the high heels made as Mum walked.

Anyway, here we are, all grown up and playing dress up.  I tried a lovely sparkly dress but got very mixed up with the strap situation, I almost garroted myself and had to be rescued!  We laughed until we cried, such good fun.

Thinking about it tonight I am thinking that I need to do more daft stuff, I need to spend time being silly just for the sake of it.  Laughter really does make you feel good.

I am also grateful that this Christmas there were dresses I could fit into. Having been overweight for so long, this afternoon would have been one of so many occasions where I was an observer not a participant.  I would have laughed along but would have been left out, nothing would have fitted me.

I am so happy I have managed to become fitter this year, I sat on the sidelines for far too long.  So many things to be grateful for and having fun is the best antidote to the dark days.

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