Advent Day 7 festive cheer

the town I live in, like many in the UK, is struggling for finances.  The local council have had to cut resources and there is no money for festive cheer. What a shame.  However the town I live in has an extraordinary community spirit.  Harnessed by a team of volunteers, who run the Town Team, residents were invited to decorate a space in the town themselves.

Oh my, we have such a variety of gorgeousness.  From the huge red bows tied to plants on a roundabout, to the covering in silver tinsel of the fences alongside the kerb, the town is sparkling.  I have seen lots of greenery,  bus stops adorned with mistletoe and holly and lots of lovely inventive decorations.  Every piece placed with hope and love to make the town smile.

I love this.  It means I live somewhere where people care.  Where they don’t moan and groan and no one expects someone else to do ‘it’, whatever it is. Families, nurseries, companies have all taken a space and made it their idea of beautiful.

Rather than get corporate sponsorship, to fill the town with neon flashing lights, we have an organic and mostly green home grown display of festivity and fun.

So, if we are seeking a light in the dark, maybe we should think about being the person who puts the candle in the holder and sets the flame alight.  That way we all take responsibility for our own relief from the dark and together our lights will shine, as do the dozens of decorations around town.


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