due to being poorly and incredibly busy with all things Hummingbirds I have completely failed to keep up a daily blog during this years Advent.

In my defence there has been a lot going on, mostly all good, but tricky to keep on top of when feeling ill.

I am writing this sitting in the bar of a Cornish pub, the building is from the 15th century and it is easy to see how if was then.  People are friendly, there are fairy lights twinkling across the ceiling and a massive pile of logs waiting by the big stove in the old fire place.

There is a sense of history in the fabric of the walls.  It hit me the moment we came inside.  It is as if no one has really left, and the moods and minds of those before are still here, swirling around like will o’the wisp. Present, yet not present, unseen.  I like it here.

Our room is huge and clean and bright, lovely furnishing and a gorgeous bathroom, means we will be very comfortable here.  Again, I am reflecting on how lucky I am to have this life of mine.

Hubby is unwell, the cold that defeated me last week has hit him for six today, he is sleeping, while I am downstairs typing.  Tomorrow we head home, it is a long drive, he needs to rest.

Last night we were joined in the pub bar by our partners here in the South West who are part of this crazy adventure we are all on.  We laughed so much, a real meeting of minds and of humour.  Despite this being our first meeting it felt as if we had known each other forever.  I think we probably have done so.

It seems to be true that every time we meet another Hummingbird, doing her own thing, we have an instant connection. The men in our lives also connect well together, perhaps they share the pain of having women who stop at nothing to get help where it is needed.  They recognise each other in a way I have never seen before.

When the universe aligned back in August 2015, when so many of us decided to try to help, it is as if we were chosen to do this.  None of us has much of a clue how we went from the idea of sending one lot of aid, to the massive movement we are now part of.  None of us had a plan, and yet we have done this thing.

So today the advent has to celebrate the candles in the darkness that are my sisters from another mother, and our long suffering spouses, for without us all, the world would be a worse place for sure.


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