Advent – Santa and me

for a very long time I have been collecting Santas.  I don’t remember when it started, but over the years more and more have appeared and now adorn my living room at Christmas time.  Some of them are beautiful, glittery and detailed, others are funny and some make noises, singing songs and dancing about.  I love them all.

The rest of my family are at times less than enthusiastic about my festive collection, sometimes they can be quite rude.  However I try not to care.

This year there is another person in our family who loves Santa.  My gorgeous little Granddaughter arrived yesterday with her Mummy, to deliver the Gingerbread Man cards she has made for all of us.  She is such a funny little person.  Together we explored my Santa collection.

She is also a Santa fan.  She loved the singing Santa, spent ages pressing his foot and laughing out loud.  We examined each one, the one with the sleigh and Rudolph, the pretty one with the little girl and lots of presents.  She laughed at Santa in bed reading and loved the snow globe, her face as the flakes fell all around was wonderful.

So, Christmas is coming, and with it comes all the usual chaos, rushing around shops, posting out cards, thinking of food to buy and making plans to see family and friends.  It is the same every year, last minute dashing about hoping all will get done.  It always does.

This year there is more magic about.  Seeing it through the eyes of a two year old is precious and something I am so grateful for.  This feels like Christmas with her Daddy, aged two, all those years ago.  I can so remember the excitement building as the day grew near, the fun and games we had, there is no feeling like it, until yesterday, when my boy’s daughter brought the magic with her.


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