2016 – Merrry Christmas

in years to come this year we have just all lived will be one no one forgets.  A year of momentous events, all across the globe, when things shifted in a way we never anticipated could happen.  Fascism back on the agenda, racism, anger and separation politics abound. From the East to the West things they are a changing.

it has also been a year of loss, famous people, much loved icons of British culture have died, most far to young, and have left us all feeling sad.  David Bowie was one that floored me, even now I think, really? David Bowie, how can I live in a world without him being in it.  Which is a bit odd actually cos I was never a great fan.  I guess it takes losing people to realise how much they were a part of your life.  I guess I am at the age when those who have been alongside me from teen years to now are aging too.  I suspect this is the future, and it makes me feel sad.

Now the year is drawing to the end and things are getting worse not better, war in the East is raging on to a bloody end, so many people are being killed while the West seems content to watch and occasionally add a small voice of dissent.  This makes me tired rather than angry.  I think I have reached the point where I expect nothing, certainly not for those elected to make good decisions. Forty years of protesting had left me empty of protest.  It simply doesn’t work.  My mantra now is to do the best I can, where I am, and try not to worry if others do not do the same.

Personally 2016 has been a bit of a hit for me.  I will remember it fondly as the year I became well again.  Having had years of pain and illness this Spring I was able to begin to make the changes that have led to a better life, no pain and more energy than ever before.  For that I will be glad to remember this year.

It has also been the year in which I have met and worked alongside so many amazing people.  Across the UK,  from all faiths, religions and creeds, gorgeous amazing people, some with a wicked sense of humour have become my go to crowd.  These are the ones I recognise.  We are in the same tribe.  Cutting through the bullshit and the propaganda we come together to do what we can.  Turns out we can do a lot, who knew?

So, Christmas is upon us, and soon this year will be done.  Any year we get to the end of, happier and healthier has to have merit.  Lessons are being learned, we are finding our path, it has ever be so.

Soon it will be a New Year, we will fill it full of our hopes and our dreams, and slowly one day at a time it will pass.  I have no idea what will come to be, but I am sure I will try to make the most of every minute.

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you have all you need and some of want you want, I hope you have those you love close and if you have more than you need, I hope you build a bigger table.  We really are all in this world together, and it is together we will do the best we can.

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