on things can actually only get better

oh my goodness.  I have been writing blogs for some time now and yet have never, ever had the response I had for my last post.  An outpouring of love, help and support from all over the country, thank you everyone. In this really tricky time the warmth of friendship and the kindness of  friends and of strangers has been amazing.

A couple of days further along this journey and things are thankfully looking up   Having made the decision to give up searching in our home town for a house to live in, we went along to an last appointment for a viewing, made last week, it would be rude to cancel.  This time it is cottage, on the end of a row, a bright sunny spot and a sweet little front and back garden.  To our surprise this felt good, somewhere we could perhaps lay our hat for a while until all the medical mayhem is done.

An hour or two later and the application is in.  We are hoping that our limited earnings at the minute won’t be a problem, we have our fingers firmly crossed. It is a sunny day, the warmth of the rays healing on my skin, and gradually my spirit is settling.  I am daring to hope that things might be getting better at last.

Then the doctor phones to speak to hubby.  It seems they, our GP team, have, as they promised, met and between then, having reviewed all his history and current tests, they decide that hubby can go back to his job.  Providing he remains symptom less he is good to go, until we get to see the specialist.

I feel as if a huge weight is no longer hanging around my body.  In some ways I feel a bit giddy.  Can this be so?  After weeks of anxiety and fear, a house and his job are potentially sorted in an afternoon.

It isn’t done yet.  I still have to find the energy to pack up this house, to work out what we need and what we can do without.  We are awaiting the application process for our new home, references are being taken up and we are being assessed.  I hope we will pass.

Friends are hugging us, glad for us, strangers are still messaging me, offering support, I feel wrapped up in a universe of love.  One friend said that we have an army of supporters behind us, and she is right.  I had never dreamt that we could be this lucky.

We are moving on, having no control over what happens to us, but we have control of how we chose to deal with things.  I am choosing to deal with everything with hope, and love and if nothing else comes of this horrid experience I have learned that there is power in friendship, that the world is a good place with mostly wonderful people. Thank you everyone, you will never know how much this means.



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  1. Glad the love is seeing you through, all will be well Pam & Ian. You have done so much for others so I’m sure you’ll be OK. Everything is for a reason. Sending you lots of love & best wishes.

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