on distance and perspective

today I woke up in wonderful Wales,  the sun shining brightly through the windows and all was looking well in the world.

Hubby and I had our breakfast and listened to the Archers Omnibus, something we seldom do together, but a habit of so many years, indeed without this Radio 4 classic, we may not ever have met, all is well.

Later, having eaten our lunch in the sunshine of our garden, we join our neighbours for a couple of drinks in the warmth of summer.  It is here, telling them the troubles of the last couple of weeks, that I begin to get some perspective on our situation.

I am thinking that is certainly isn’t a bad thing to live somewhere you love.  It isn’t a bad thing to make your home somewhere near to the sea, and where you have friends and neighbours.  All together this feels ok to me.

Hubby will tell you it is the gin talking, and he might have a point, but, for me being somewhere you love with friends close by is not a bad situation.

Perhaps enough tears have fallen, the worry wasted, and it means that we are making the right choices.  Maybe for the next few months, this field in the Welsh hills will give us sanctuary, a bolt hole from the bad things, a place to be happy, every day. I am hopeful it will be so.

Tomorrow hubby will go to see about a job, the very job offered and withdrawn, this time with evidence of his health, and then maybe the next stage in this wonderful adventure will begin.

I hope that our friends will come and visit, I hope that it will work out but at the end of the day we are together, and  when we said, for richer for poorer, in sickness and health, it seems we both meant what we said.


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