on getting on with life

so today is the end of the week, I have been here since Monday,  and have spent my days unpacking boxes, filling bags for charity shops, and settling into this corner of Wales. Luckily the weather has been kind, long days filled with sunshine have been joined by night time rain, the perfect summer weather.  The garden is looking good, yesterday I cut the grass, providing a welcome respite from those boxes.

Today I am heading back to my old home town.  Each weekend I shall continue to work as before, at least until this job is done.  Good friends are letting me stay with them and all will be well.  I am wondering how it will feel, I guess I shall shortly be finding out.

The other big appointment today is for hubby.  The health problem that almost scuppered our move is to begin to be addressed this afternoon.  Sadly, the timings and distance mean I can’t be with him this time, but hopefully as this is the start of the process he will be fine without me. I shall be anxious, and hope that whatever it is, it is fixable.

It is fair to say that the past three months have been difficult, one thing after another throughout July almost finished us off.  I am glad to say it didn’t succeed, and we are still here.  It is testament to the strength of us, my hubby and I, that we got through this together.  Whenever one of us, (mostly me) was losing the plot, the other’s calm and hopeful determination saw us through.

We still have no clue what life will bring, but then again, no one really does, do they? What we do know, and one of dozens of lessons I have learned through this, is that nothing is as bad as it appears as long as we face it together, and make it work.

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