Advent Day 6 – Sliding Doors

stuck in the middle with you

sometimes we don’t even know we are heading through the sliding doors until we are on the other side.  Sometimes, carried by excitement or tragedy, we find ourselves in unfamiliar places, our feet not quite standing on firm ground.

Then comes the time when we realise that we have grown old enough to have lived a life, and yet still have a life to come.  It is here the time and place where we are no longer children, or even parents of young children, and yet we not old enough to be elderly, it is in the middle years when we become invisible.

It can seem as if, while you have been busy building a life, the life has been slipping away.  The fun times with babies and children turn into battle grounds with truculent teenagers, and then, as quick as a flash, it is done.  Over.  Similarly the career we studied for, worked our way up and finally found our spot in the workplace, suddenly that is not quite as we had thought it would be.

You see the choices made over the years, well we are so busy making them we stop thinking about them.  Then  children are grown, perhaps with children of their own.  The workplace becomes populated by the hungry, ambitious people that we can recognise as ourselves.  Except we are not like that anymore.  The world has moved on.  It can come as a shock to realise that others don’t know the younger you.  They have no idea of the passions, the battles and the pure fun and adventure you have stored in your memory bank.

So I have been quietly embracing my middle years, certainly they have brought change and drama and now as I am moving onwards there is also a sense of peace.  Looking back, and forgiving past mistakes, looking forward to future adventures maybe the best is yet to be.


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