Advent Day 7 – Sliding Doors

there are a lot of caravans in North Wales.  In some areas I think there are more caravans than regular houses, there are plenty to choose from.  So, when we decided to purchase our perfect holiday home there was plenty of choice.

We scoured the internet and settled on a site in the hills, a mile or two from the sea, and made an appointment to view.  There was a lot of choice, in fact it took most of a day to view so many different variations of tin box living, but finally we found the right one.  Unfortunately it was on the wrong plot and after negotiation it was agreed, our new holiday home was sited on our perfect garden.  All was well.

The first time we visited the neighbours gathered around to say hello, and to tell us that we were getting new people to the side of our garden, who were moving a new caravan next door.  They also told us that we would be losing some our garden to their new plot.  We were unsure who these people were going to be.

We need not have worried, the couple who moved next door turned out to be two of the nicest people on the planet.  We have been gone for almost three years from our happy place, but our neighbours are still firm friends.  They make us laugh, are kind and helpful and every day we are glad that they picked to put their caravan nextthe next to the garden we picked.

So, when we chose our caravan, from all the possible sites at exactly the same time are now friends were also choosing to move.  That we ended up neighbours who became good friends, is another example of what can be on the other side of our sliding doors.

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