Advent Day 13 – Sliding Doors

We have had lots of change in recent years, moving house more often than is healthy, I have never felt settled.
Growing up I longed for change, to break out from the steady, safe and predictable life I saw in my family. I didn’t know then that it was that life, the one I was so disparaging about, well that life, and the safety it offered, enabled me able to leave, to try new places and to explore the world.
Looking back, my beginnings really set me up well for the incredible challenges ahead of me. Mum had drilled into her daughters that the world was theirs if they wanted it. Dad gave me my politics, my sense of fairness in the world and from our extended family I had a sense of belonging.
Almost twenty years in our last home town, and I thought it would be forever, but that was not to be. We have shaken ourselves down and decided to love wherever we live.
Today we are in house number five, this time in a beautiful bungalow in a special town which is populated by friendly folk. A walk to the shops involves stopping to say hello, over and over again, when strangers begin to be friends. We love being close to the beach and the countryside. I think we both want to stay here now, perhaps it is time to settle again.
I used to tell my kids that I would end my days with the sea in front and the mountains behind me. In my head this was always on a Greek Island, but to be honest North Wales does the job perfectly.

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