it is not too late

it’s a funny thing being my age now, I feel much as I have always done, but deep down I know that things are changing.  My bones ache in a way they never did, my eyesight is being compromised and I am sure my hearing isn’t great, but inside I am still me.

I heard someone say that a recent celebrity, who had died aged 79 had had a ‘good innings’, which may well be true, but I am just fifteen years behind him, and I have much I still want to do.  I am struck by the thought that maybe it is all a bit late, that perhaps I am running out of time.

This time next year I will have finished working, hopefully forever, and will have free time to spend doing things I really want to.  I feel it is important to make sure that this time, and the months leading up to it are used well, that I make the most of this life I am living.  There are so many things I would like to do.

When I think back to my teenage years, my fondest memories are those spent in and on the water.  Swimming, canoeing, rowing having fun I would like to do more of this.  So it is on my list.  Similarly there are places I have yet to see, and places I want to return too and spend more time in.  There is music I would like to hear played live and people I want to connect with.   All of this and more is going onto my own ‘it’s not too late’ list.

Alongside the planning and the thinking about the future, I am not forgetting the Now.  I hope to make each day count, by doing something positive, something helpful, and something that makes me laugh. Little things that make for big changes, so when I am counting my blessings I am changing my thinking, and by understanding that my actions are mine to make and my ‘good innings’ is a work in progress, I can steer myself where I want to go.

You see, it really isn’t too late and I can do things I want to do, I hope to follow my Nina who managed some ten decades on this planet, that would be fun, but I guess it isn’t really how much time we have, it is how we use it, and that is up to me.

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