million steps – day twenty five

this million steps takes some walking, every day I am adding to my total but the end seems a long way to go.  I was delighted to have taken my 400,000 step sometime today, not bad from the woman that never walked anywhere.

I reckon 400,000 steps is about 170 miles or so, which is about the distance from my home town to London!!  Every step has counted, and every step has helped me to fitness.  Some days are difficult and others a breeze.

Today was a good day, I started with the short walk I had done with hubby last night, it was lovely to be in the countryside rather than the town, even if only for a mile or so, I then carried on with a few diversions, following one of my regular routes.  By the time I was nearly home I was feeling it, the pedometer registered just over four miles, it felt much more.

I have again been contacted by a friend, a woman just like me, who is going to start walking.  This thing has legs for sure!!  You see when the woman who never walked anywhere is walking 400,000 steps everyone else knows they can do it to.

Big love to the guys at Diabetes UK for thinking this challenge up at exactly the right time to inspire me.  I hope they make lots of cash, and get even more people putting one foot in front of another.  It really is that simple.

million steps – day eighteen

to be honest a million steps is a lot of steps to walk.  At least that is what I was thinking on my morning walk today.  I was on my usual route, with a slightly longer diversion, to avoid boredom, as I clocked up about 7500 steps.  At least it was dry and a very pleasant morning to walk in.  But a million steps is still a lot of steps.

When I reached the 300,000 mark I thought I was well on my way, and I suppose that is true.  However there is still over 600,000 steps to do to reach my target.  I am beginning to wonder how many different routes I can devise to make this more interesting.

Later I drove to join my lovely hubby at our caravan in North Wales.  After almost two hours driving I was ready to move, so as soon as we had had lunch we drove the short way to the coast and walked along the seafront.  Steps done with company disappear much more quickly that those done alone, and by the time we returned I had clocked up enough to make the days tally respectable.

I always knew it would be a challenge, the woman who didn’t move much for ten years or more is certainly more active that I would have dreamed possible, but 600,000 is a mission.  Luckily I am sure I am up to it, and if I can do it anyone can.  Thanks to Diabetes UK for motivating me, I really am doing the best I can.


million steps – day fifteen – walking backwards

today I decided to vary my route. I have developed several ways to walk three miles, my early morning start to the day, some take me down long hills and back up again, others offer shortcuts and I always avoid busy roads.  Walking to the traffic noises is not on my list of favourite things to do.  Anyway, each of the routes has its good bits and bad bits, most of them I don’t even think about which direction I am taking, but let the road lead me home.

So, setting out in what looked to be the making of a fine and bright morning, I decided to do my most frequent route, but to do it back to front. I began with the circle of the field, always the last thing I do, and set off following the route.  This time I had to think about which way I was going, the natural ‘sat nav’ in my brain was finding it more difficult to direct me.  Anyway, walking streets in a different direction allowed me to notice different things.  The trees from the other side of the street looked more shady, the shadows were different.  The road that always signals half way was just the same, and still half way but the wrong way, it felt very odd.

Just on the halfway point the bright and clear morning changed.  The first couple of drops of rain were barely noticeable but those that followed were a very different story.  I switched route to cut down towards the theatre as I knew there was a large canopy that would give me some shelter.  I stayed for a few minutes until the cloud passed over, before continuing my walk.  Oh dear, not only was I going backwards I was now off route completely.  Feeling a bit damp and disconcerted, I arrived home from the ‘wrong’ direction.  It was all a bit of a muddle.

Still a healthy step count today, helped by lots of walking up and down in the shop later, means I am getting nearer my million steps.  I hope Diabetes UK makes lots of money from this challenge, it is a genius way to get people like me walking.

million steps – day 14 – two weeks in

today marks the end of the second week of my million step challenge and things are getting easier.  Another long walk today, hubby again dropped me at the edge of town and I walked back home through new streets.  I am noticing I am walking more quickly.  In the beginning my average pace was 2.4 miles an hour, I am now up to 3 miles an hour without really thinking about it.  I am also finding the hills easier to manage and seldom become breathless.

This is all important as it means as well as raising money for Diabetes UK and losing weight I am also increasing my fitness and my stamina.  In total I have been daily walking for about five weeks now, before July 1st I was practising and wandering a bit.  I was explaining to colleagues yesterday how my walking has developed.

My first walk was literally around the field in front of my house.   I know now this is about 900 steps and it took me a while to walk it. I remember feeling a bit self conscious, hoping no one would notice me.   The next day I did it again and the day after that I walked around it twice.  A couple of days of that and then  I walked down the road and then round the field and then the next day down a couple more roads before walking around the field home.  Step by step I did a little bit more each day, and now 3 miles in a hour is not difficult at all!  I am averaging about 15,000 steps a day, just under 7 miles, it is incredible.

I enjoy varying my route but every walk either begins or ends with the walk around the field.  It is very much part of my routine and it would feel all wrong if I didn’t do it each day. There is still some way to go to a million steps, I think this weeks walking should see me a quarter of the way there, well on track to complete it before the end of September.

There are so many positives about this challenge, the thinking time I have while walking, the gorgeous countryside and views I am seeing, the weight I am losing, the energy I now have, but the very best thing it that it is becoming normal. It is has simply become what I do.